06. Jazz & Sărăkie

Pumn de Țărână Band

Pumn de Țărână Band is the brainchild of Romanian-born rapper and writer Onisim Lungu who has been living in Austria since 2002. The septet was founded in 2019 and soon developed into an innovative jazz-rap project which aspires to create moods, to tell stories. Defying clear categorization, the music oscillates playfully between lyrical aesthetics, Balkan dances, contemporary jazz and subtle trap rhythms. In the same way, Onisim’s Romanian rap lyrics captivate the listeners with contrasting poetic qualities such as real/surreal and extravert/contemplative. The individual colors of male and female voices, horns and rhythm section merge into a strong band sound with original arrangements. Even though most of Pumn de Țărână Band’s compositions are based on simple structures, they never fail to touch the listeners on a deeper level.

recording session

Muza din hostel costel

live studio session

Vibrația Orașului

live recording


live studio session

Despre Radu

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